Know Your Surroundings!

Things to understand about our surroundings.

With our busy lifestyle, we’ve almost forgotten to seem around our surroundings. And thing we will do to save lots of our surroundings.

Top 25 Environmental concerns that we should always know about:

1. Pollution in Air
2. Pollution in Water
3. Soil and Land Pollution
4. Global climate change
5. Heating
6. Deforestation and Logging
7. Increased Carbon Footprint
8. Genetic Modification
9. Effects on Marine Life
10. Public Health Issues
11. Overpopulation
12. Loss of Biodiversity
13. Household and Industrial Waste
14. Ozonosphere Depletion
15. Mining
16. Natural Resources Depletion
17. Natural Disasters
18. Nuclear Issues
19. Loss of species
20. Acid Precipitation
21. Agriculture Pollution
22. Sound and Light Pollution
23. Conurbation
24. Disposable of Medical Waste
25. Littering and Landfills

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